Cool Things to Do with Chalkboard Paint

Create a fun, functional chalkboard in any room of your home with paint that is erasable, washable, and fun!

You can turn virtually any surface in your home into a blackboard with our Studio Finishes® Chalkboard Paint. You apply it just like any other paint. Then invest in a box of chalk and an eraser and you have your very own reusable, eco-friendly list maker, drawing surface, calendar—you name it!

Eco-Friendly Message Board

Wouldn't it be convenient to scribble down your shopping list, phone messages, reminders, etc. right on your pantry door or fridge? Just use chalkboard paint to create a handy and reusable space for any kind of list.
Menu for the Day

In the kitchen, frame a chalkboard square on the wall with decorative moulding or a colourful paint to display the day's menu. This can be a great touch for special family meals and when entertaining guests.
Let Your Kids Draw on the Walls

Create a cool canvas for kids' artwork by painting a chalkboard square in their bedroom or playroom wall and drawing a frame around it with a fun paint colour. They'll love to see their artwork in a frame—and be less likely to paint on the other walls!

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