Beautiful Accent Wall Ideas

Give your space a fresh, new look. Accent wall paint offers a simple, stylish way to add colour to a room and experiment with smaller doses of brighter, bolder hues.

Whether you'd like to define a living space, highlight a piece of artwork or draw attention to an architectural feature, by updating your accent wall colours, you can create a striking, unique design element in your home.

Accent walls can also help you create colour flow. By using the same colour in fabrics, finishes, accessories, and furnishings in adjoining rooms, you can create a seamless transition from space to space.

Accent Wall Ideas

Make a Bold Statement

Bold, colourful shades make good accent wall paint choices because they accentuate a space without overpowering it.

For example, if you're using bright colours in your room's decorative accessories, try choosing one of them for your accent wall and let the colour make a lively, vibrant statement.

TIP: If you're decorating a child's room, let your child develop his or her own accent wall ideas – then select a neutral paint colour for the other walls. Use decorative accessories and bedding to pick up the accent colour and create a cohesive look you'll both love.

Create a Subtle Contrast

If you prefer gentle contrast to bold accent wall paint, try using a deeper version of your existing wall colour on one strategic wall. This can be just enough to add interest and break the monotony of a single-colour space.

Developing Your Accent Wall Paint Ideas

To help you choose the best hue for your accent wall, use a colour from a pillow or your favorite artwork as your inspiration. Which colour in the piece appeals to you most? How will it look with your main wall colour? Would you enjoy living with accessories in that same colour?

Whatever shade you choose, an accent wall allows you to express your own unique, confident design style. So grab a paint brush and let your imagination go!

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